10 Forward Productions: Music Video Visual Development Update

Our creative team has been hard at work recently. 10 Forward Productions is now working on several projects, including a music video we are going to tease today.

We are currently in pre-production for this music video, but it already shows a lot of promise. And when the client is happy, so are we. How about we cut to the chase and show you the reason the client is pleased by our team's work.

Character Designs from "Shirat Hakof" Music Video

Property of 10 Forward Productions, Inc.



Like what you see? check back soon for more updates about this project, and more.

In the meanwhile, enjoy one of our lead designers, Jose Hernandez's art blog.

The music video is written and directed by 10 Forward Productions' Amit Tishler.

Tales of Lyla- Issue #1 now available or purchase!

Didn't we promise a treat? Tales of Lyla is getting at EARLY RELEASE! Issue #1 is available NOW on Indie Comics Tracker!

Buy the first issue now! Issue #2 will be released in February 28th, 2015. Share, like and let us know what you thought!

Get issue #1 on Indie Comics Tracker NOW:

Or on Amazon on Jan 27th for all you KINDLE users out there:



Tales of Lyla- now available for pre-order on AMAZON!

Issue #1 of the 10 Forward Productions comics series TALES OF LYLA, titled "Hybrid Theory" is now available for pre-order from Amazon through Kindle.

All you have to do is install the Kindle viewer app for free on your iPhone, iPad computer or smartphone and get issue #1 delivered straight to ya'!

Pre-order NOW and get ready for some magic folks!


Tales of Lyla - Magical things are happening


The release date for Issue #1 of Tales of Lyla is drawing near. And it's time for some magical BUZZ!

"Like" the Tales of Lyla page on Facebook by clicking on the "Tales of Lyla" first Issue cover below:

We will have more details and links on where and how to get the comic. So stay tuned for some action!

First Look: Tales of Lyla (Comic Series)

10 Forward Productions, Inc. Is proud to announce that the first comic of the original comics series "Tales of Lyla" will be published and available for purchase in February 2015.

From a small project, "Lyla" has grown to become an entire series with a brilliant and loyal production team slaving on making this as epic as you can possibly imagine.

Attached is a sample page from Issue #1.


The comic will be available for purchase on Amazon, Goodreads, Comixology and more. Come back in January for more update on the upcoming release of this high fantasy comic series and more exciting announcements . It will be worth it, we promise.

Happy Holidays

The 10 Forward Productions team.