Ancient Allen- Development Update #2


More information about our animated sci-fi comedy Ancient Allen!


As it turns out, aliens have indeed landed on earth and have influenced some of the greatest
ancient civilizations in the history of mankind. But not in the way we have imagined. An alien girl
and a young Egyptian boy form an unlikely friendship to try and keep human civilization on an
upward swing.

Stud Amon:





Tut's father can barely build a pillow fort without having a nervous breakdown. But he perseveres because his biggest fear is that he will disappoint his son. That fear can lead him to be self-conscious and cowardly at times. But then, who needs courage with such great cheekbones? Stud Amon is obliviously gorgeous. Maybe that's why half his construction crews are women who don't mind compensating for his lack of skill. 

Nacil Lotto


Nacil Lotto worked in the family business, DA-BOMB Burgers under her husband Gop for years. But after their initial success, she found herself shut out of all important decisions. Impulsively, she strikes out in her own, buying property on Mars, ignoring Allen's warning that Mars was uninhabited. She also ignores her daughter's later observation that the ship has gone off course.

The result being, the Lotto girls are starting a new life on Not-Mars. But Nacil, undeterred, jumps head first into this new opportunity. No setback has ever discouraged her! After all "Failure is just another step towards success!" 



Felines in the Bing-0 part of the galaxy are known as Mau. Heavily domesticated, the Mau are pets, and look and behave like their counterparts on Earth. Except for that talking with the intelligence of humans thing.

The Egyptians believe that a talking cat must be a demigod, and Sekhmet finds that perfectly acceptable. She keeps a close eye on Tut and Allen to protect her new deified status. But she also keeps a close eye on George. Although, she hates to admit it, she has a soft spot for Allen and Nacil. After all, they're still family.


The Ancient Allen artwork and designs were created by 10 Forward's Lisa Wong.

More updates about Ancient Allen and other projects will be published soon, stay tuned!