Ancient Allen - Development Update #1


A sneak peek to another intellectual property in development here at 10 Forward.

A sci-fi comedy titled: "Ancient Allen". 


As it turns out, aliens have indeed landed on earth and have influenced some of the greatest
ancient civilizations in the history of mankind. But not in the way we have imagined. An alien girl
and a young Egyptian boy form an unlikely friendship to try and keep human civilization on an
upward swing.

A taste of the characters from Ancient Allen:


Energetic and self-motivated, all Tut has left from his warrior mother are heroic stories of her legendary deeds. But because of them, he feels that greatness is always possible, and continually strives to make his father's projects amazing.  

His life has been dominated by covering for his father's professional shortcomings, so Tut has never been able to have friendly encounters with others, let alone those of the third kind. The arrival of Allen Lotto not only means having a super smart and technologically advanced friend watching his back, but having someone who understands his dreams of changing the world for the better.



Allen is a child prodigy, a scientific genius. But, her interests, social awkwardness and inability to relate to her culture's hectic "gold rush" mentality, has isolated her from her peers. It doesn't help that her mom has been dragging her all over the universe chasing entrepreneurial opportunities that are as numerous as they are vaporous.

However, her mom's dumbest and least considered decision may just be the best thing that has ever happened to Allen. Living alongside the quietly industrious humans not only helps her learn possible solutions for her culture's problems, but also solves one of her more personal ones. For the first time in her life Allen is not alone.


The Ancient Allen artwork and designs were created by 10 Forward's Lisa Wong.

More updates about Ancient Allen and other projects will be published soon, stay tuned!