Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Project

After months of hard work, the 10 Forward Productions team has succesfully completed a massive project for Pfizer. We're honored that Pfizer had faith in us to deliver, and are proud of our team and all the companies involved in bringing this amazing exhibition to life.



10 Forward Productiuons developed a video presentation for a bullet train cabin model, simulating the fast mlotion of the train through different landscapes. In each station the train stops in a different set of digital presntations appear, explaining different aspects of the product the client is promoting.

The train's "windows" are in fact screens with the animated footage syncronized perfectly between the 6 screen. 10 Forward also developed an audio track to amplify the experience.

The project was recived with praise and created quite a buzz. We're glad we had a chance to execute such a complex production and to work with a respectable client like Pfizer. 

Pfizer-34 (1).jpg

The quality photographs were taken by Henriette Tishler Photography.