Tales Of Lyla- Comics Announcement

We've been hard at work here in 10 Forward. But here's an exciting update for all you followers.

10 Forward Productions, along with Cactus Lip Comics, are getting ready to publish the 2 comics for an upcoming comics magazine.

The first issue will include 4 exclusive "Blackest Knight" comic strips:

promo pic 1.jpg

(To read more Blackest Knight)


And the second and third issues will reveal a new, never before released 10 Forward IP, called "Tales of Lyla".

Logline: "A young wizard in training travels the magical land of Lyla to solve supernatural mysteries in order to become an official protector of the realm."

Here is some art from "Tales of Lyla":



More details on where and how to buy the new Cactus lip magazine "Smorgasbord " will be released soon, so stay tuned!