Sputnik Red - Production Update #3

Exciting things are happening in the SPUTNIK RED development process.

So while we're working, here are some more details about this 10 Forward IP.

A few small details about Sputnik Red villains

Admiral Kwa-Sar DragonStorm III:


The "Ultimate Warlord Supreme" of the SophaBedd X planet clusters. Admiral DragonStorm vows to chase down Jar and Davey through the galaxy in order to find and conquer his eternal fuel source: Earth. Dragonstorm is an accomplished warlord and yet he's extremely incompetent when it comes to handling technology. He just can't figure out what to do with all those buttons. But hey, that's what his minion soldiers are for.


Lark Darkchild:

Lark Darkchild.png

 Interstellar bounty hunter Lark Darkchild's origins are unknown. But all we do know is that he came not from another planet, but another galaxy. He is silent, mysterious and his ship has the technology to create wormholes and teleport to great distances in space. He has technology that's way beyond Jar and Davey's understanding, and he won't stop haunting his prey until his goal is complete.


More Sputnik Red updates coming soon!

Sputnik Red is written by Amit Tishler and Robert Dunne, the artwork is designed by Jisoo Kim