Fuze: and the Knights of Mettle - Production Update #1

Time for the first development update for another IP development project 10 Forward's been cooking. This one is for an action/sci fi animated show titled "Fuze: and the knights of Mettle"


In a medieval world dominated by mechanical beings, a young garbage-bot is chosen to lead a resistance against a race of powerful cybernetic invaders."

Meet our antagonist: 

Lord Virus


- Virus is the leading warlord of the Techno army. His greatest strength is his ability to infect other robots with his programming. This “ghost in a shell” type power, allows him to control others like slaves if he happens to be pounded into oblivion he can assume a temporary secondary body.

Our next character is one of our lead protagonists:


- The muscle of The Resistance. He was Hack’s Chief of Security and Tactics, and now he must serve as Fuze’s protector. In battle his arms transform into powerful weapons and gadgets. He may look like a dumb brute, but Plug is extremely emotional, intelligent and well read. He is a father figure and a mediator for the team, and helps Fuze to slowly become a part of the family.

Expect more updates about "Fuze" in the near future.