Fairy Dream Blasters - Production Update #3

Guess what? new characters from the "Fairy Dream Blasters" development process are now revealed!:

Captain Comet AKA "RainbowShine" 

RainbowShine is a graceful creature. He's everything a Fairy should be. He's brave, he's chivalrous, he's courageous, but most importantly- he's FABULOUS! Appearance and aesthetics are very important to RainbowShine. He'll never go on a mission without looking his best. Unlike the rest of his crew, he's not cynical or bitter and he can't wait to jump into action. He's probably the most capable warrior, and the only crew member that actually cares about performing his duty.


Sunny AKA "Supernova"

One would expect the only female Fairy of the group to be sweet and full of grace. But Sunny, codename "Supernova" is quite the opposite of that. She's crude, rude, has no interest in personal hygiene. Extremely unpleasant for a so called "graceful" magical being, she's proud of her sloppy demeanor. She's the scientist of the group, the brain, the idea person, the genius (a rather smelly genius unfortunately). She's resourceful and knows the solution to just about every problem. Too bad she's so jaded and unmotivated that she prefers to express her inner (and outer) couch potato by watching TV all day and eating marshmallow nachos. Work is such a drag!

Expect more info about our upcoming "Fairy Dream Blasters" short soon!

All "Fairy Dream Blasters" is designed by 10 Forward's Jose Hernandez

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