Spy Slash Die - Production Update #2

As promised, we are gradually releasing more details from our adult-themed TV production pitch "Spy Slash Die".

And today, we show two members from our cast:




As an MI666 mercenary for hire, Jansen serves as the muscle of the group. He's usually compliant and non-confrontational when it comes to operation objectives, but he does find it hard to focus on his mission when he senses nearby teenagers engaging in pre-marital sex. Someone has to chop 'em up…err…teach ‘em a lesson, right?

The second member we will proudly reveal today from our protagonists is:

Sudoku Yamaguchi 


Sudoku loses her will to live and dies of absolute heartache in her super pink and cute, doll-filled room. As an MI666 agent, Sudoku's ghost is everything you would expect from a haunting Japanese wraith. She moves in key frames, twitches, climbs on walls, and can possess people, electric devices and – for some unexplainable reason – shoes. Being the anti-social emo girl she was in life, Sudoku's parents have yet to discover her rotting corpse, as they're simply accustomed to her introverted behavior, believing her to be safely tucked away in her room. Teenagers, huh? Whatcha gonna do?

Spy Slash Die is written by Luke Ellison and Amit Tishler and the brilliant character art is designed by  Luke Ellison.

More details about the characters and about a future "Spy Slash Die" comic debut will be revealed soon, so stay tuned!