Fairy Dream Blasters - Production Update #2

The production of a Fairy Dream Blasters short is underway, so we thought we should share some of the characters with you.

Meet general Solar Flare! 

He's gritty, tough, experienced and extremely bitter, General Solar Flare is the leader of the "Dream Blasters". He has seen a lot of action back in his day, and he's got the scars to prove it.

General Solar Flare is being voiced by talented actor Hunter Davis

Another character we want to expose with this update, is Crunch! the pet "nightmare":


The Dream Blasters' pet nightmare. Caught as a baby's nightmare, Crunch is an infant himself. Crunch was brought into the Dream Blasters' base by General Solar Flare, who was saved by Crunch in the dream that Crunch himself invaded.

All "Fairy Dream Blasters" characters were designed by 10 Forward's mighty Jose Hernandez.

Expect more "Fairy Dream Blasters" development updates soon, with more character art and more casting announcements.