Fairy Dream Blasters - Production Update #1

Another one of our TV IP development projects is an adult oriented comedy cartoon titled "Fairy Dream Blasters,. The show is written by  Amit Tishler and one of 10 Forward's talented writers and show's co-creator Robert Dunne. This wacky show is about a militant group of bizarre fairies appointed with the task of protecting our dreams from being taken over by invading nightmares.

The 10 Forward team is hard at work on an animated motion graphic short to present the humor of the show and it's unique visual style and concept

Here is a small taste of the show's visual style (designed by 10 Forward's Jose Hernandez), presenting for the first time one of our lead characters: "Black Hole"- the group's only bad ass pixie:

Artwork by 10 Forward Productions artist Jose Hernandez

Expect more updates on the motion graphic short's production soon, including the reveal of our official voice cast and more original artwork from the show's pitch bible.