Cameo: A Micro-Video Game

10 Forward Productions and Domani Software have joined forces under one roof as: GESIT, LLC - a joint venture formed to develop and publish an app named "Cameo" for mobile devices.

Cameo is a socio-competitive micro video platform which marries the creative aspects of Vine with the competitive experience and reward structure of Clash of the Clans.

Like our Facebook page,  and our official CAMEO website register and follow our progress as we make our way towards launch. for now, enjoy the cryptic bits of info we release to tease your pretty faces.

10 Forward Productions: Music Video Visual Development Update

Our creative team has been hard at work recently. 10 Forward Productions is now working on several projects, including a music video we are going to tease today.

We are currently in pre-production for this music video, but it already shows a lot of promise. And when the client is happy, so are we. How about we cut to the chase and show you the reason the client is pleased by our team's work.

Character Designs from "Shirat Hakof" Music Video

Property of 10 Forward Productions, Inc.



Like what you see? check back soon for more updates about this project, and more.

In the meanwhile, enjoy one of our lead designers, Jose Hernandez's art blog.

The music video is written and directed by 10 Forward Productions' Amit Tishler.

Tom Kenny joins 10 Forward and Joovie for new animated TV show.

The 10 Forward Productions and the Joovie Entertainment teams are excited to announce  Tom Kenny's addition to our new show's voice team. Today we had an incredible recording session and we can't wait for the soon to be published press release about the show and the partners involved.

Kenny is famous for being the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, the Ice King from Adventure time, and many other iconic cartoon characters. We are honored to have him in one of the lead roles on our show.

The official announcement about the show will be published on Kidscreen Summit, Feb 23-26, 2015. So stay tuned for more exciting updates as 10 Forward Productions is gearing up for some amazing days ahead.

Robert Dunne in CRIMINAL MINDS on CBS tonight!

A contributor and partner to many of Forward Productions projects as both a voice actor and IP development co-writer, Robert Dunne is going to be on tonight's episode of CRIMINAL MINDS "Nelson's Sparrow" as  Young Rossi, along with co-star Ben Savage as young Gideon.

10 Forward's team is proud of Robert Dunne on this proud achievement and reprising of this role on Criminal Minds for the third time. Read more about it on by clicking HERE.

Robert is a partner and co-creator of various 10 Forward Productions intellectual properties, including a 10 Forward show that is currently in development, owned by Joovie entertainment: Sputnik Red.

Keep up the good work Mr. Dunne, we're proud of you!

Tales of Lyla- Issue #1 now available or purchase!

Didn't we promise a treat? Tales of Lyla is getting at EARLY RELEASE! Issue #1 is available NOW on Indie Comics Tracker!

Buy the first issue now! Issue #2 will be released in February 28th, 2015. Share, like and let us know what you thought!

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